M. Julien

M. M. Julien

Etudiant(e) | 18 ans
Code postal: 78630

Disponibilités :

lundi  de 16:30 à 20:30
mardi  de 16:30 à 19:30
mercredi  de 16:30 à 20:30
jeudi  de 16:30 à 20:30
vendredi  de 16:30 à 20:30

Contacter Alexandre Chafik de la Garde Périscolaire:

Par e-mail: alexandre@gardeperiscolaire.fr

Par téléphone mobile: 06 78 57 41 87

Par téléphone fixe: 01 47 30 70 30


Hello, My name is Julien. I live in Orgeval. I am a bilingual English babysitter, my mother is Irish. Currently, I am a first-year undergraduate student at the British School of Paris, Croissy 78290. I am applying for childcare and conversation in English. In terms of experience, I kept Mrs. Fiona Miodownik's boy in Maisons-Laffitte, 6 years old. I have studied at the British School of Paris for 7 years. In 2018, I validated the equivalent of Bac ES, therefore I can supervise and help out with homework. I have played basketball, football and the guitar. I can fully entertain your children: offering activities such as : sports games, board games, English, music, reading and outings to the park. Serious, responsible and experienced, you can have full trust in me. I know how to handle any sort of breakdown. I am punctual, reliable, invested, enthusiastic and respect instructions. I look forward to meeting you. See you soon.