J. Suji

Mme J. Suji

Etudiant(e) | 24 ans
Code postal: 95200

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lundi  de 15:30 à 20:00
mardi  de 15:30 à 20:00
mercredi  de 9:00 à 20:00
jeudi  de 15:30 à 20:00
vendredi  de 15:30 à 20:00

Contacter Alexandre Chafik de la Garde Périscolaire:

Par e-mail: alexandre@gardeperiscolaire.fr

Par téléphone mobile: 06 78 57 41 87

Par téléphone fixe: 01 47 30 70 30


My name is Suji, I live in Sarcelles 95200. I have been working as a English teacher for 5 months. I observe their activity and understand their interest and I talk according to that. I have spent a lot of time with children having looked after my family's children.I have 5 months experience as a english teacher in Paris, family Alice Million, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre 94270, the children of Madam Elodie Sencier, Paris 75017, 6 and 7 years old. I have been involved in doing activities with children such Taking with them in english showing them some english short movies, drawing, dancing, general question and answer and have taken them to the park for walk and libary I understand that role of a baby-sitting is a very responsible one and that I need to be very responsible to do this role well. I have a calm and patient manner and I understand the dangers around children and what they should and should not be doing. Doing my Master of science computer security in EPITA. I suggest you making a trial session, without commitment from you