L. Lilia

Mme L. Lilia

39 ans
Code postal: 94078

Disponibilités :

lundi  de 7:00 à 20:00
mardi  de 7:00 à 20:00
mercredi  de 7:00 à 20:00
jeudi  de 7:00 à 20:00
vendredi  de 7:00 à 20:00

Contacter Alexandre Chafik de la Garde Périscolaire:

Par e-mail: alexandre@gardeperiscolaire.fr

Par téléphone mobile: 06 78 57 41 87

Par téléphone fixe: 01 47 30 70 30


My name is Lilia I am a 37-year-old English-speaking nanny. I have an experience(experiment) of 5 years with children. I have letters of recommendation of my former(old) employers. From January, 2011 till November, 2015: I kept a boy of his 6 months in his 4 years at Madam Angélique BOHBOT in Paris 75009. From December, 2015 till April, 2016: I kept the girl of Madam Michèle MORYUSEF, 92300 Levallois, one-year-old. I can teach English and converse in English. I can read english books for your kids. I validated a Bac Diploma in Philippines. I am working very hard, patient, honest and undertanding. I am a very punctual and professional nanny.